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We are thrilled to introduce our newly designed website, offering you an enhanced online experience. The new website integrates a range of convenient features, including online ordering and quoting, event registration, rewards points redemption, and after-sales service ticket submission. These new functionalities bring significant simplification and convenience to your business processes, while also providing customers with the autonomy to place orders or receive product quotes at their convenience.
Online Quoting/Ordering

The addition of online ordering and quoting empowers you to access product quotes and place orders at your convenience, free from the limitations of office hours and locations.

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Event Registration

Our event registration feature keeps you updated on the latest promotions and activities. With just a few simple steps, you can participate in various events or training and enjoy unique offers.

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Redeem Rewards Points 

The introduction of a rewards points system adds value to every transaction you make. You can easily redeem points online, gaining extra discounts or rewards and thus, managing your procurement budget more intelligently.

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RMA Ticket Submission 

Online ticket submission feature streamlines the process of handling post-purchase maintenance matters. Our dedicated team will promptly respond and provide top-notch after-sales support.

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Meet the AX Hybrid Alarm System

Hikvision’s next-generation AX Hybrid PRO Alarm System offers the combination of reliable wired protection with seamless integration of wireless peripherals to deliver expanded flexibility.

Effective verification with expanded flexibility
Comprehensive protection with both wired and wireless detection
Convenient reliability you can trust

Full-scale security with convenient mobile apps
Events & Training

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